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« Do you think its possible
that some people
are born to give
more love
than they will ever
get back
in return?

Tyler Knott Gregson
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Model: Anna FrolovaCreative: Olga KafkaClothing and jewellery: Anna FrolovaLocation: Studio “OK”Photographer Olga KafkaOlga Kafka
by Olga Kafka  (


Model: Anna Frolova
Creative: Olga Kafka
Clothing and jewellery: Anna Frolova
Location: Studio “OK”

Photographer Olga Kafka

Olga Kafka

« I am lonely. I’ve been like that since I was young. But I think I am a person that needs to be lonely. »

- Choi Seunghyun  (via absenceofsomething)

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